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Prepping for the Cook: There are a lot of great resources out on the web that give tips, recipes to make that perfect competition barbecue chicken. But for some reason the first website that I went to for some great tips was my good friend Malcom’s website: How To BBQ Right. I mean with a site tittle like that, how could you go wrong? What I really liked about the website, is that Malcom isn’t afraid to really give the the inside scoop and recipes to make the perfect chicken for competition. I would highly suggest to bookmark his website along with mine! After reading and even watching some great videos on how to trim a chicken it was time to suit up and get ready for this adventure. The one mistake right off the bat that I did do was not brine the chicken overnight but I did marinate the chicken with some basic Italian dressing for about three hours so that the chicken has some great flavors before I added the barbecue flavoring. (If you are interested in a great brine recipe click here to see a good recipe that I would check out) Since that this was the first time that I was going to try to make barbecue competition chicken I wanted to focus on the following items:

1) Maintaining A Constant Temperature with the Smoker – This problem has been a major problem since I got my smoker and it something that I want to and have to conquer. I think that once I have dealt with this issue I will be fully able to be rest assured that this problem will not interfere with my food and then I can fully focus on other things.

2) Technique, Timing and Taste – Ah, I will call these three “T’s” To me the timing, technique and tasting is most likely the most important things to be master and I wanted to really focus on these “T’s”

3) How does it Look? – The last item that I wanted to focus on was plating the final product. Obviously this is more of an after thought, but still very important to any barbecue competition because you eat with your eyes! So the platting will be something that I will be focusing on.

Picking the Perfect Chicken Meat -By meeting a lot of different barbecue pros, they always suggest using chicken thighs when making chicken for competition chicken. The reason why a lot of barbecue pros use chicken thigh because chicken thighs have a lot of dark meat so it will be moist longer, but as always you can use whatever type of chicken you would prefer but just as Malcom says: “larger pieces of chicken may need an additional 20 – 30 minutes,” so just be aware of that important factor.

Trimming the Chicken – Before I started this adventure I figured that all you need to do is just take out the chicken thighs and place some rub over them and then throw them on the smoker. I didn’t realize (which I am not sure why) that like all things about great barbecue there needs to be a lot more to go into putting together a great meal and trimming your chicken’s is very important to do. I would highly suggest that you watch this video on tips on how to trim your chicken. I will not go into this fully, because this video does a great job on how to trim your chicken thighs. Read More

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