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The Perfect Burger

— Turn up the heat. Pre-heat your grill to 400-450°F (200C-230C) for 15-20 minutes so that you’ll get a beautiful sear on the meat outside and an ideal juicy inside.

— Don’t flip too soon. Place the patty on the grill and turn the heat down to medium (250-300F/120-150C). Remember the meat will seize on the grill until some of the fats are released to create a non-stick surface.

— Flip and rest. After about four minutes, it will be easy to flip the burger. Flip only once and leave it alone. No checking and definitely no pressing down on the burger with your spatula – you’re just releasing the precious, delicious juices that are keeping your burger moist!

— Do not overcrowd the grill. Leave about a third of the grill empty so that if you do get a flare-up, you’ve got somewhere to move the burgers to if they start to burn.

— Let it rest finally. As with all meats, your burgers need a few minutes to rest to redistribute the juices before your first delicious bite.

Veggie Grilling 101

— For great results every time, cut vegetables into similarly sized pieces – about 3/4 to an inch thick – so the cooking will be even. Soak vegetables in cold water or marinate for about 30 minutes to keep them from drying out. Pat them dry and brush them lightly with favorite grilling oil. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy.

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