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Dallas Cowboys Lose Two Offensive Starters: Injury Update

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-3 after falling to the New England Patriots on October 16. But the scoreboard wasn’t the only area where the Cowboys lost. Dallas must now contend with injuries to two offensive starters. Both could be season ending. Felix Jones(notes) and Bill Nagy(notes) both left the New England game with serious injuries. Both will be huge blows to a team that is already struggling in 2011. Dallas will be hard pressed to find success with the loss of these two players.

The injury to Jones is particularly bad because it will limit the Dallas running game. Jones had a dislocated shoulder that he was battling through to begin with. Now he can add a high ankle sprain to his injury sheet. Jones suffered the injury in the first half and did not return to action. Dallas owner Jerry Jones essentially ruled Jones out for Dallas’s next game against the St. Louis Rams and expressed concern about prognosis. It could take at least a couple of months for Jones to recover from the injury. If that is the case, his season will be over. The best case scenario will keep jones out for a month. Dallas will look to Tashard Choice(notes) and DeMarco Murray(notes) to carry the running game. Neither is anything close to the threat that Jones is. There was a reason that he was playing hurt for the past few games. Dallas doesn’t have enough depth the position.

The injury to Nagy won’t make the running game issue any easier to solve. The Dallas line is already hobbled and Nagy’s injury takes away a starter for the rest of the year. Nagy fractured his ankle and will likely miss the rest of the season. The injury will take him a couple of months to recover from and there is little chance that he will see action again in 2011. The Dallas line has had a lot of issues but Nagy was one of the bright spots. Dallas has several games left against some fearsome pass rushing defenses. Without Nagy, they are at a major disadvantage.

Dallas is already prone to mistakes. When you add depth issues to that mix, the offense is shaky at best. The Cowboys were optimistic about the 2011 season when it began. With the weakness in the NFC East, Dallas had a shot to return to the playoffs. But with all that has happened so far, the Cowboys are closer to finishing last than they are to finishing first.

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