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15 Things To Watch for Dallas Cowboys in Week 2 Matchup vs. San Diego Chargers

Mike Jenkins vs. Vincent Jackson: In his first game of the preseason, how will Jenkins fair when matched up with physical wide receiver Vincent Jackson?

He will be asked to do more press coverage with Rob Ryan in town, and that could be a problem against players like Jackson. Expect to see more of a press-and-bail technique from Jenkins rather than a true jam.

The preseason will be a great opportunity for Jenkins to regain some of the confidence which seemed to be missing in 2010.

Dwayne Harris: After busting out for 127 yards and two touchdowns last week, let’s see how Harris responds. He has a legitimate shot to beat out Kevin Ogletree for slot receiver duties, and I personally hope he wins.

He seems to be a harder worker, more intelligent and superior after the catch. Jason Garrett will not be afraid to play the rookie ahead of an underachieving Ogletree.

Screen Passes: Garrett called a few more screens than usual last week, and I think that is a trend which will continue into the regular season. With more athletic offensive linemen and Felix Jones/DeMarco Murray in the backfield, why not? Read More

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