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Dez Bryant rep meets with mall officials

David Wells, the adviser for Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, met with officials from NorthPark Center mall for two hours on Wednesday to dispute a criminal trespass warning issued to Bryant from off-duty police officers Saturday.

The dispute started when someone in Bryant’s party was wearing sagging pants that showed underwear. Mall security accused Bryant of wearing sagging pants, something he denied.

Wells said Bryant did not go to the mall Wednesday, as he promised he would on Twitter, but is hopeful the issue can be resolved.

Mall officials have declined comment, but Wells said he’s received phone calls from various merchants at the mall offering encouragement.

Bryant has had numerous problems at the mall, according to the police report from the most recent incident, including parking his car in a fire lane, cutting in line at the Apple store (according to Wells, Bryant offered to buy something for the patron he stepped in front of) and a “major disturbance” with an unknown woman at a restaurant.

Police were called in the last situation, but both Bryant and the woman were gone before they arrived.


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