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How to save money by renting a home for the Super Bowl

As Superbowl season is fast coming to an end, everyone and his dog is struggling to find the money to go out and get tickets. But tickets aren’t the most costly thing about making the long trip to the Super Bowl; you have to think about travel expenses and accommodations, too.

Unfortunately, there’s not many ways that you can decrease the cost of a Super Bowl ticket. Unless you get lucky and win the Superbowl lottery, you’re stuck with high going rates.

The cost of traveling to Texas this year can be lowered by, again, going with many people. If you’re driving there, the cost of renting a bus or car, as well as the gas will be spread over many people.

But one of the best ways to save money for this years, and every other years, Superbowl is by renting a home. As many people who will be flocking to Texas to watch this game, there will be equally as many who are trying to get away. Either they’re not fans of the game or their team didn’t make it through, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is; this is good for you.

There are many people out there who rent their home out part time while they are on holiday. They do it to recoup the cost of their holiday, as well as make a quick buck on the side. But that doesn’t mean that it works out badly for you; in fact if you play your cards right it could work out great.

Hotels in the Texas area will already be increasing their prices for early February, and they will be booking up fast. Unless you made reservations a while ago, you may not even get a hotel for your stay. Hotels also limit the number of how many people can stay per room, and if they find out you’re exceeding it, they can kick you out. Many will have a minimum number of nights that you can stay, so you may have to stay longer and spend extra money on a hotel that you don’t want. They also include things in the cost that you might not even use, including gyms, saunas, and tennis courts.

Renting a home for a holiday includes none of these things. Generally speaking, people who are renting their home out will pick one price and stick to it. This price will include electricity, gas, and water, and that’s about it. The one’s I’ve seen do have a maximum number of people who can stay, for fire safety reasons, but because this is a house you can fit in a lot more than you can a hotel room. Because of this, you can spread the cost of accommodation over 8 or 10 people, rather than just 3 or 4.

This article is writer by Bradley Shaw, Owner of sbrentalagency.com, a site featuring lots of interesting tips to save money by renting a home for the Super Bowl.


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