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Become an officially sanctioned barbecue judge

Over in Kansas City, there’s a class you can take to become a sanctioned BBQ Judge, its a 1 day class.

Marty Wheeler, the director of marketing and development with the UPC, said attending won’t guarantee you a spot as a judge for the March event, but it is a good first step.

“We give serious consideration to local applications for judges,” he said.

The Jan. 22 class will be taught by KCBS instructor Ron Harwell who will teach you how to evaluate on three criteria: taste, appearance and texture.

“We are trying to have at least 70 people in the class, but we can take a few more than that,” Wheeler said.

And it is a popular program. The folks at KCBS estimate that they have in excess of 15,000 judges in their program. They need that many judges to take part in the more than 300 sanctioned barbecue contests every year.

I had the good fortune to actually take this course a couple of years ago. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

It was at the same time very intense and incredibly fun. We learned everything from what to look for when the meat is presented to the table to how to discern different cuts of meat.

But the main thing I remember about the class was the food. See, you can’t show a person how to judge good barbecue without giving some very tasty visual aids. That is, some good barbecue to practice on.

“We will have at least one or two professional teams cooking up samples that will be submitted to the class,” Wheeler said.

Cost of the course for KCBS members is $60 and $100 for non-members. Wheeler said the deadline for registration is Jan. 19. The quickest way to access an application is at the KC local contest website, http://www.bbqmobile.net


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