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Coaches want LSU-A&M rivalry renewed

IRVING, Texas — LSU coach Les Miles and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman were asked about rekindling the rivalry between the two schools.

Friday’s Cotton Bowl will be the 50th time the teams have met, but the first time since 1995. The two used to play each other constantly, usually the first game of the year.

“That is something I have thought about because LSU is so close to us and we do have a previous relationship with with LSU,” Sherman said Wednesday. “We’ve had some great games. Obviously, our commitment with the Big 12 and our current schedule with everyone playing each other and add in Arkansas and with LSU’s schedule, I don’t envision it. But certainly down the road a border rivalry with LSU is something to consider.”

Miles agreed.

“I think any time you play quality opponents and you understand you have to play with a great passion to win, there is a want to renew a rivalry like that,” Miles said.

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