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Jets visit the Colts

Sexy Rexy Ryan, and his Jets, whom he still thinks are the best team in the NFL, visit Peyton Manning and the Colts. The game is Saturday night, 7 pm. Big Racks BBQ will have the game on their many hi-def big screen TVs.

Last year they met, the Jets had a good first half defending Manning, then after reviewing what the Jets were doing on defense, Manning played better, and the Colts won.  This year, the Colts suffered tons of injuries, they got Addai back, and their run game has improved. The Jets, are a circus, first Hard Knocks with Rex’s potty mouth, the word about Cromartie and his many kids, then Sal Alosi tripping the Dolphins gunner, the foot fetish buzz, hey they have been married over 20 years, if they do role play and foot fetish, between husband and wife, thats fine, just don’t upload it to the net.

How will Sanchez play? I think thats the key, we know Manning will have the Colts put up over 20 points, can the Jets offense play like it did near the end of the year, scoring well?

Indy is favored by 3 at home. I’m crazy, but I’ll call it a PUSH, they will win by 3


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