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Best Beach Bars in Dallas, Texas

At Aw Shucks Oyster Bar element 3601 Greenville Avenue is angstrom unit dive, maritime seafood place. Enjoy the exterior patio patch you banquet on the freshest seafood. The terms range is low-priced with entries nether $8.00. Relax fashionable a cursory atmosphere and chew on the “House Special Shrimp Cocktail” made with every last homemade ingredients. They likewise offer deep-fried catfish and food plates, nudity oysters, poached shrimp, Po Boy sandwiches, legs, poached crawfish, and newspaper grilled search specials. Dress is swimsuits to tuxedos. It’s angstrom unit wacky collect the bar with the freshest catfish, crab, and half-pint in town. The building is in the warmheartedness of Dallas element the head of Longview a couple of blocks to the south of Mockingbird Lane crosswise from the Granada Theater

Louvre Lounge and Sushi Bar, 1520 Greenville Avenue, is gaping Thurs.-Sat. eight p.m. to two a.m. Abstract paintings and troika flat-screen TVs end product as art. Michael Jerome, touted equally one of the city’s foremost deejays spins happening Saturday nights. It’s crowded, trendy, romantic, has angstrom unit good cultural scene, and ace reviewer represented it equally a VIP veto with charm. One client said she wanted the sushi and the force was great, also at this trip the light fantastic club/sushi bar. It attracts time period party-goers with VIP apartment and noted deejays.

In the W Hotel lies Kechi Dallas, which staring April twenty-first and boasts the town’s largest intoxicant list, according to ace critic. The Japanese and sushi seat is situated at 2400 Victory Park Lane and the signaling is 214-871-8883. Hours ar Sunday through with Thursday 5:30-11 P.M. and Friday-Saturday 5:30 to 11:30 P.M. The veto stays gaping till at the most (antonym) midnight Monday-Wednesday and two a.m. Thurs.-Sun. All leading credit card game are unquestioned and the deftness features angstrom unit full bar. Kechi likewise has places fashionable Aspen, Austin, and Hawaii and serves synchronous Asian cooking and first sushi.

Advantages of renting a home for the Super Bowl

Home rental is becoming the next big thing during superbowl week. If you’re thinking about it for your Superbowl trip, here are a few more reasons why you should consider it.

1. Cost

Right about now, hotels in Texas will be becoming fuller and fuller, and the costs of the available rooms will be becoming more and more expensive. If you want to save money for this Superbowl week, look into home rental. While hotels make their money by having guests stay in their rooms, people who rent their homes out will have other sauces of income. They’ll be doing this so their home is always occupied while they are away, and to make some extra cash on the side. They don’t need to worry about cost and no one staying there; if no one picks their house this holiday, it’s no big deal. This all means that the cost will stay the same regardless of what time of the year it is, and what’s going on in that area.

Home rentals will have a minimum number of people who can stay there, but instead of the 4 of a standard hotel room, it’s generally 8 or 10, so the cost of accommodation will be spread over many more people. I saw one that would equate to only US$180 per person per night if the maximum 8 guests stayed.

You also don’t have to worry about being charged extra for parking if you drove your car, all homes will have a garage where you can park your car. If the owner didn’t take their car with them, you can park in the drive way.

2. Feel

A lot of people feel awkward staying in a hotel; the sheets are too tight, there’s never the right food in the fridge, and you have to tip everybody, which adds up. Staying in a home rental for your Superbowl trip eliminates all of these problems. The beds will all be made to perfection, but they will not have the same rigid corners for example of a hotel. Because you’re renting from a person and not a company, you can request the food that is in the shelves or refrigerator, so if you have any special dietary needs they can be attended to. People who rent their homes out for holidays mostly rely on repeat customers, so they will be quite friendly. Most will put out a fruit basket or leave a bottle of wine in the refrigerator for you, as well as other snacks.

If you’ve never stayed in Texas before and you choose a home rental, you can ask the home owner for their recommendations for restaurants and take away stores. You can do this in hotels, too, but they will only suggest the restaurants that they are in league with. By asking a local, you can get the truth about the places nearby.

3. Proximity

Most of the homes for Superbowl rental that I’ve seen are closer to the Superbowl than most hotels are. You won’t have to worry about transport or a long walk there and back if you’re staying close to the stadium

This article is writer by Bradley Shaw, Owner of sbrentalagency.com, a site featuring lots of interesting tips to about renting a home for the super bowl.

Super Bowl party cheese balls

A little snack, or pre game snack..

1 8 oz. pkg cream cheese
1 jar Cheddar cheese spread
1 jar Roka cheese spread
1 small onion, minced
chopped pecans
Allow ingredients to stand at room temperature until softened.Blend and refrigerate (except nuts). Roll into a ball. Roll the ball in chopped pecans and refrigerate.

Serve with an assortment of crackers.

Save money by renting a home for the Super Bowl

As the Super Bowl is set, Packers vs Steelers, everyone and his dog is struggling to find the money to go out and get tickets. But tickets aren’t the most costly thing about making the long trip to the Super bowl; you have to think about travel expenses and accommodations, too.

Unfortunately, there’s not many ways that you can decrease the cost of a Superbowl ticket. Unless you get lucky and win the Super bowl lottery, you’re stuck with high going rates.

The cost of travelling to Texas this year can be lowered by, again, going with many people. If you’re driving there, the cost of renting a bus or car, as well as the gas will be spread over many people.

But one of the best ways to save money for this years, and every other years, Superbowl is by renting a home. As many people who will be flocking to Texas to watch this game, there will be equally as many who are trying to get away. Either they’re not fans of the game or their team didn’t make it through, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is; this is good for you.

There are many people out there who rent their home out part time while they are on holiday. They do it to recoup the cost of their holiday, as well as make a quick buck on the side. But that doesn’t mean that it works out badly for you; in fact if you play your cards right it could work out great.

Hotels in the Texas area will already be increasing their prices for early February, and they will be booking up fast. Unless you made reservations a while ago, you may not even get a hotel for your stay. Hotels also limit the number of how many people can stay per room, and if they find out you’re exceeding it, they can kick you out. Many will have a minimum number of nights that you can stay, so you may have to stay longer and spend extra money on a hotel that you don’t want. They also include things in the cost that you might not even use, including gyms, saunas, and tennis courts.

Renting a home for a holiday includes none of these things. Generally speaking, people who are renting their home out will pick one price and stick to it. This price will include electricity, gas, and water, and that’s about it. The one’s I’ve seen do have a maximum number of people who can stay, for fire safety reasons, but because this is a house you can fit in a lot more than you can a hotel room. Because of this, you can spread the cost of accommodation over 8 or 10 people, rather than just 3 or 4.

This article is writer by Bradley Shaw, Owner of sbrentalagency.com, a site featuring lots of interesting tips to save money by renting a home for the superbowl.

Adrian Peterson Hosting Super Bowl Celebrity Poker Tournament

Adrian Peterson, is hosting a celebrity poker tournament two days prior to the “Big Game” in Dallas on Friday, February 4th. The proceeds from Adrian Peterson’s All-In Celebrity Poker Tournament will benefit Peterson’s All Day Foundation, which, according to a press release, “creates educational experiences and enrichment opportunities for underserved children.” Link to full article

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NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage, Super Bowl home rental

Get ready Dallas for the Super Bowl with NFL Network

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Korean BBQ tacos in Dallas

DALLAS — Gohgee To Go, one of the first places in Dallas to serve the Korean barbecue-style tacos that have been the rage in Los Angeles and now New York, opened for business at 10:30 a.m. on Monday with a line of customers and a somewhat sticky situation in the parking lot.

Taking over the little kiosk of a building previously occupied by Burguesa Burger, Gohgee To Go comes from Korean-American husband-and-wife Terry and Janice Song, who previously owned Yummy Donuts in University Park.

By 12 noon, there were already customers waiting to place their order at the tiny window, and all of the parking lot’s half-dozen spaces were taken. The building has a drive-through window, and to-go orders will represent a significant percentage of business. But with tacos being an eat-it-on-the-spot thing for a lot of people, it seems like the space might face some logistical challenges.

There are four meat-type options: beef, chicken, pork, and mushroom, all of which come drizzled with a spicy, sweet-and-hot red chile sauce. Nearly everyone was getting tacos, but you can also get your meat-item in a burrito, burrito bowl, quesadilla, torta, or in nachos.

Gohgee’s other point of distinction is the fact that, in addition to chopped lettuce, you can add a side of the Korean pickled-cabbage side dish they call gimchee (but which you more often see spelled as kim chee).

The meats were fine — a combination of chopped bits with the occasional meat Chunk and a smidge of chewy fat. The mushroom was sliced portabella, and ultra-juicy; in the drive home, the soy jus drained from the mushroom into the corn tortilla. Mushroom is a porous thing, so that taco variety might benefit from eating soon after ordering.

For those who want to eat on the premises, there are a few picnic tables. Luckily for Burguesa, it never suffered the problem of having too many customers, so logistics weren’t an issue. But with Korean barbecue tacos being new-ish to Dallas and tacos currently being our Favorite Thing, it seems like Gohgee could face a snarl. The drive-through lane takes up most of the space on the lot, so drivers can’t cross from one end of the site to the other.

The reality is that the space is too small to accommodate everything. But on the upside: It’s bigger than a truck. It’s definitely better than a truck.

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Packers fans need a house rental in Dallas? Rent home Super Bowl week

Looks like to me, the Packers will be in the Super Bowl in Dallas. Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out. They can beat the Bears/Seahawks no problem. Green Bay Packers fans visiting Dallas, please consider the following.

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Super Bowl BBQ Catering in Dallas

Super Bowl BBQ Catering in Dallas, this Patriots fan, can’t wait for her team to get to Dallas. this pic is from Maine, yes Maine is part of New England. This Pats fan can envision a Patriots helmet on top of her grill, and turning the grill into Vince Wilfork, the DT of the Patriots. Vince weights like 380

Dallas is ready for the Super Bowl crowd. Welcome NFL Fans to Dallas! Need to rent a home for Super Bowl

Pasqualoni may be the leader for the Cowboys coordinator gig

Cowboys assistant Paul Pasqualoni may be the leader in the clubhouse for the Cowboys coordinator gig.  The Cowboys have interviewed Vic Fangio and Greg Manusky for the job.   Fangio is expected to land in San Francisco, while Manusky’s best option may be with the Chargers.